Green People Organic Skin Care: Makeup safety tips

Are you one of the many who hang onto their favourite makeup for years? if so, there could be more lurking in your makeup bag than you realise!

Some of the most common bacteria found in makeup can cause eye infections and rashes – not exactly what you were after from your beauty products.

Here are some makeup safety tips to help you improve your makeup hygiene:

  • A foundation sponge or brush mops up any excess oils and impurities from your skin. Wash your brush after each use to stop bacteria from growing. keep several spare so you always have a dry one.
  • Cleanse and condition makeup brushes once a week. Rinse and condition, rinse again, remove excess water and dry flat on a towel for super soft bristles.
  • Avoid pumping your mascara as this pushes air into the tube which promotes bacteria growth. if you have an eye infection, buy a new mascara.
  • Don’t leave the lid off your lipstick as this supports bacteria growth.
  • Avoid sharing your makeup with friends due to cross contamination and the risk of passing on infections or viruses such as cold sores.

Lastly, check your all of your makeup for expiry dates – and if it has already gone, throw it out. most mascara and lipstick have a 6 month expiry after opening, whilst foundations, concealers and eye makeup may be 12 or 24.

However, bacteria aren’t the only things you might not want to be in your makeup. Some cosmetics companies use ingredients like carmine (crushed beetles), mercury and Polymethyl methacrylate (linked to cancer, immune system disruption and skin allergies).

Certified organic makeup from Green People
Green People has a new range of natural mineral makeup which is free from these ingredients. with three foundations, a four-shade eyeshadow palette, mascara, concealer and lipsticks, it covers all your makeup essentials.

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